Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I see its been some time since I have posted!!! Well I'm still alive and painting.... here are a few new pieces that I'm excited about. I wondered into a gallery the other day and say some painting by a French Artist that felt like I had done them myself! They looked so familiar to me. Of course her prices were out of sight. So it depressed me and inspired me at the same time... here is the product of my inspirations:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 2011

 Hi! Just adding some new paintings. The art business is picking up again after a long economic recession it appears. I'm excited to see that my traditional work (poppies, sunflowers, water scenes) is picking up too.  Looks like everyone feels a bit like updating their decorating which is good news for artists! The last one is a small framed piece which fit in small places in your home, they are currently running around $45 for the whole piece.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abstract Blossoms + Color ... No Bids Yet!!!

This large painting is 36x24 and thickly textured with swirls of color and chunky blossoms. Oh, if I had another space to decorate it would go up on my painted wall. I can see this above some clean line Pottery Barn type furniture against a painted red color. It is striking and would totally liven up the wall.
I read something great the other day.... (quoted from the editor of Traditional Home Magazine).... as she speaks about women... "The most powerful energy source on earth is the human soul on fire". YEAH! That makes you want to paint....

Abstract Blossoms + Color

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Abstract Trees

  Okay! Finally I did do some trees and I'm feeling pretty good about them! This isn't always the case with us artists.... well, most of the time when we finish a piece we only see the things we did wrong. We like what we did, but well, we think how we could have done it better.  And then as time goes by, we see how what we did is actually pretty good. I guess that is the way most things are in life.... 
   I liked this painting alot when I finished, and I thought, ohhh maybe I should keep it for myself!! Well, I did list it for auction. I can always paint another, right? Anyways, here are my trees:

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Getting Re-Energized!!!!

New Floral Piece up for Auction

I'm getting energized after watching a bunch of art videos and work from my contemporaries...getting a little fired up too with some competitive spirit... I think I need to make some improvements to my website and link up my blogs and, well, just start painting!!! The kids are back in school and I know eventually I'll need something to occupy my time. I added a new floral last night ... they always turn out different in their own unique way. And I got my first blog follower!!! Thank you my friend!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What to Paint Today???

Today, I promise, I am going to actually make a new painting!! Art sales have been so depressed in this economy, that it is hard for me to feel the motivation to paint. Not that it is about the money, but ah.... well... it is a great motivator. Plus, those canvas and paint supplies sure aren't cheap. Anyways, today I'm thinking of painting a Trees Landscape, like I used to do. Yesterday I noticed one of my abstract poppies paintings wasn't selling well, so I decided to paint over the yellow ochre color with a nice pale blue sky area. Perhaps now it will do better. The coolest thing is to paint over a completely dry painting, because you get to see the outline of the old color and it looks kind of modern cool (see above).